The Team

The Chef Ashwin Marius Le Prince

He likes to talk about cooking from the heart, highlighting simple seasonal produce. To sublimate them, he uses masterful textures, carefully crafted sauces and condiments that add depth to the dishes.

This is what he wanted to offer the Arboré restaurant. Seduced by the charm of the hotel and its teams, the idea of a challenge off the beaten track convinced him.

Indeed, far from the 9th, 10th or 11th arrondissements of Paris, the Madeleine district is not renowned for its bistronomic restaurants. But Ashwin offers accessible, contemporary and gourmet cuisine in an unexpected neighborhood…

The mixologist chef.

Fayçal Mokhchane

Faycal Mokhchane

The mixologist sous-chef.

Manon Andresz

Manon Andresz
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